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  • Why does it take so long to ship your products?
    This site is what some might consider a "side hustle." It's something I do in my spare time to bring in a little extra income, and as such the time I can spend on it is limited. I don't stock inventory. I make parts as orders come in. And due to my limited free time, sometimes it takes a while for me to get around to that. I have a regular job, I autocross on weekends, and I have an actual social life (well... as active as a nerd such as myself can lead), and so that leaves relatively little time for me to make these products. Additionally, a lot of these products are 3D printed, or CNC machined, and both of those are slow processes that take time! The "up to one month" lead time stated in my product listings is more of a safe buffer, though, and I typically try to ship orders out within a week or two of receiving them, barring any issues sourcing parts (COVID does seem to be messing with even my ability to get some parts now!)
  • Can I get a different number of switches than what you offer?
    At this time, I only offer the numbers of switches you see on the site. For the smaller panel, that's 4. For the larger panel, it is 4 or 6 switches.
  • Can I get switches with different-colored LEDs on them?
    I only offer red LED switches at the moment. For whatever reason, identical switches with different-colored LEDs can vary widely in price, and are often times harder to source (don't ask me why), so I would have to adjust the pricing accordingly, and it just wasn't worth the effort. I am exploring this option, but at the moment your color options are red, red, or red.
  • Can I get different types of switches?
    Nope! The toggle switches I use were selected for a variety of reasons. They have a good, solid, satisfying flip for starters, which not all switches have. They're also reliable, and with a 30A rating, should stand up to all but the dumbest of wiring jobs (though really that's more of an extreme safety net, because if you're pushing more than a few amps through these switches, you really should be using a relay...) The panels themselves are also specifically designed to cradle these switch bodies perfectly: these switches practically "snap in" to the panels. As a result, changing the style of switch would require an entire redesign of the panel. It's something else I may offer in the long run, but for the time being, this is your only option.
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