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my one-man operation

What started as a hobby making and selling a handful of 3D-printed switch panels for folks has turned into a [very] small business since apparently people like them! As sales have progressed, I've been able to invest further in the tools I use to create these items.


So far I've replaced my 3D printer with a more robust unit, purchased a 2.5D desktop CNC machine to mill aluminum faceplates for my switch panels, and most-recently purchased a 60W fiber laser which allows for much more complex engravings on those faceplates, as well as other items.


I've started branching out from the original product line to offer other things, as these new tools allow me to make a wider variety of products, which is why as the store grows, you will start to see some items that aren't necessarily RACECAR-related, although switch panels remain at the heart of my product line.


Stay tuned for more fun offerings!

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