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Entirely Custom Switch Panel

Entirely Custom Switch Panel

For those of you wanting an entirely custom panel layout, I now offer full "from scratch" designs. These must still be within the constraints of the panel style I offer (designed to mount on a flat surface), but you have full flexibility on the dimensions of the panel, the locations of each switch, and the engraving of the faceplate. Pricing is determined by what exactly you order (see the Product Info section for more details).

  • Please note that the lead time for custom switch panels is several weeks.

    How It Works
    Figure out what size you want. Figure out what switches/accessories you want. Figure out what labels you want. From there, I will work with you to refine the design, come up with an optimal layout, and draw up the faceplate engravings. Once we settle on a final design, you give the go-ahead, and I will manufacture and assemble the panel for you.

    Payment is done in two parts.

    1. "Base Price" which is determined by the panel size. This is what I'm charging you for my time and labor (as well as the base materials for the panel.) You pay this up-front, and it is fully-refundable if we cannot agree on a final design that suits your needs.

    2. "Parts Price" which is determined after we discuss exactly what you want, and is essentially just the cost of all of the switches/accessories you want installed on your panel, as this can vary widely. I am a one-man operation, so I do not stock these parts in advance, as they can be quite expensive. I will charge you only what it costs me to acquire them based on current market prices. Once we settle on a final design, I will send you a separate invoice for the cost of the switches/accessories, and shipping, and once you pay that, I order the parts and manufacture your panel.

    Panel Construction
    The panel chassis is CNC cut out of 0.185" thick ABS plastic. The faceplate is CNC cut out of 0.025" thick black anodized aluminum, which is then laser engraved. Any supporting brackets, if needed, on the back side of the panel (which are used to brace switches in specific positions, and strengthen larger panels) are 3D printed out of black PETG plastic. Mounting bolts are included, and are black-oxide coated socket cap bolts (#4-40 x 3/4", with a 3/32" drive size). The bolts pass through holes in the faceplate, and secure against recessed washers in the panel chassis, which prevents deformation of the faceplate when tightened.

    Switch/Accessory Selection
    Common options are listed below, but I'm always willing to work with customers to include whatever they want if it is compatible with my design.

    Pricing is as-of the time I created this listing, and may not reflect current market prices.

    Paddle-Style Toggle Switches

    • APIELE Illuminated Toggle (ON/OFF) - $5
      Useful for most purposes. Has excellent, solid tactile feel when flipped. Illuminated LED tip in 5 colors. (Product Link)
    • Honeywell MS24523-22 Toggle (ON/OFF) - $28
      High quality sealed toggle switch for those who want something a bit more... robust. (Product Link)

    Push Button Style Toggle Switches

    • APIELE Ring LED Toggle - $10-16
      Black, turned metal finish, with excellent tactile feel. Latching or momentary. LED illuminated ring available in 5 colors. 16mm, 19mm or 22mm sizes. (Product Link)
    • APIELE Emergency Stop Switch - $15
      Red, brushed aluminum knob. Push to open, twist to close. Available in 1NO/1NC, or 2NC variants. (Product Link)

    Circuit Breakers

    • "Amazon Special" Breakers - $8
      Basic breakers. Your mileage may vary. Probably fine for most projects, but maybe don't trust them for anything too critical. (Product Link)
    • KLIXON® 7274 Series Breakers - $30
      Specifically designed to protect aircraft/aerospace cable and components in airborne vehicles and equipment. (Product Link)

    USB Power

    • Powerwerx Dual USB 4.8A Charger - $27
      Red backlit dual-port USB-A charger, offering a maximum of 4.8A across both ports combined. (Product Link)
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