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SHIPPING NOTICE: Ever since COVID-19 hit the planet, shipping - as I'm sure you know - has become somewhat of a mess. I used to ship exclusively via USPS. It It took a few days longer, but it was cheap, and mostly reliable. After COVID, USPS has become a complete disaster. I was regularly having packages lost, and international packages often took MONTHS to... sometimes... make it to their destination.

As a result, I've given up on USPS entirely, and ONLY ship via UPS now. It is FAR more reliable, and even packages to the other side of the planet are typically delivered in under a week. It ALSO means that shipping costs are about double what they used to be. For domestic customers (USA), it's a difference of about $4, but for my international customers, it can be up to an additional $20. HOWEVER, one thing that seemingly comes with using UPS is higher import / VAT / broker / etc. fees that I don't pretend to fully understand, but which are entirely out of my control. They seem to vary widely. I've been shipping with UPS for well over a year now, and only heard back from one customer who simply wanted to let me know that UPS charged him an additional $59 before they'd give him his package. I think he lived in middle-of-nowhere Canada, so it was probably some unusually high fee to cover the salary of the poor guy who had to deliver his package on horseback, but nevertheless I just wanted to let all INTERNATIONAL customers know before they purchase that there might be some additional fees on your end (again, I'm pretty sure it isn't usually that high or I'd surely have heard back from more customers about it).


I apologize in advance... but I tried once again to ship something via USPS recently, and it's still just as bad, so I'm not making that an option at the moment. Thanks for your understanding!

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