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Miniature BMW Key Fob Enclosure (Pair)

Miniature BMW Key Fob Enclosure (Pair)

SKU: 2002

Replace your bulky OEM key fobs with these much smaller minimalist enclosures, and reclaim some of that very limited space in your skinny jeans today! This order includes TWO replacement enclosures. At the moment, these are only offered in transluscent white.


It also appears this enclosure will work for the Toyota Supra key fob as well, since it's the same fob style.

WARNING: I have not confirmed fitment across all models. Sometimes OEMs make minor revisions to the electronic board without changing the key fob style which can necessitate tweaking of the design on my end. Carefully review the installation guide photos to ensure your board looks the same, and that you won't accidentally damage any components when installing the board in the new housing. Use this product at your own risk! I am not responsible for damage to your OEM fob enclosure or the electronic board.


Please refer to this INSTALLATION GUIDE.

  • BMW's key fob doesn't look all that bad, but it is enormous, which isn't cool if you're trying to maintain a minimalist key ring, or hate bulky objects in your pockets (or are just plain skinny like me!) The good news is that a lot of the bulk of the OEM key fob is simply a result of the fancy design, and the actual internals are far smaller.

    This 3D printed alternative fob case is basically as small of an enclosure as you can fit around the OEM board, and significantly reduces the size of the fob. Specifically, it's 30% shorter, 30% narrower, and 30% thinner than the OEM fob, all while weighing significantly less. Trust me, it's a VERY noticeable change in your pocket at less than half the volume!

    If you're like me, you utilize the keyless entry functions of your car, and never actually take the key fob out of your pocket, or really touch it in any way. However, if you do need to use the buttons, the top is flexible enough that you can still easily press the four fob buttons, which are evenly spaced along the length of the fob. The lock and unlock buttons have symbols to help you remember which is which.

    Note: This mini fob also eliminates the physical key from the fob. If your car battery completely dies, or the fob battery completely dies, you will not be able to gain entry to a locked vehicle without a physical key. I've never had that issue since the vehicle always notifies you when the fob battery is getting weak, but if it worries you, then this might not be the fob for you. Alternatively you could always wrap the physical key up in some duct tape and stick it in a hidden spot under the car somewhere.

    Note that this is an exercise in extreme minimalism, and that includes the removal of EVERYTHING extraneous from the fob apart from the board and the battery. That means no weather-sealing gasket, no silicone button layer, etc... I've been using the Subaru variant of this enclosure myself for many years now without any issues, but I also haven't tossed my keys into a lake!

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