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Tacoma/Tundra/4Runner Single Switch Insert

Tacoma/Tundra/4Runner Single Switch Insert

SKU: 0401

Customize those blank/unused switch spots in your Toyota Tacoma / Tundra / 4Runner with these customizable switch inserts! Choose from red, blue, amber, green or white for your switch LED color, and customize the icon above and the text below the switch however you like. This 2A switch can be used to directly power low-amperage devices, or used to control higher-amperage accessories if used in conjunction with a relay. Power and ground wires for the LED are separate from the input/output wires, allowing you to wire the LED to operate independently of switch position if you so desire.

My understanding is that these switches are compatible with the following model years, but I will work with anyone who discovers an incompatibility I was unaware of:

Short Switches: 2005 - 2023
Tall Switches: 2005-2023
Short Switches: 2014 - 2021

Tall Switches: 2007 - 2013

Short Switches: 2010+

Tall Switches: 2003 - 2009

  • Note: Switch panels are made-to-order, and may take up to one month to ship.

    This is a 3D-printed part (made of ASA), with a black, anodized aluminum faceplate complete with laser-engraved text/icon. The push-button switch is SPST, ON/OFF style (latching or momentary based on your selection), and is rated for 12V/2A. The switch has an LED-illuminated ring in the color of your choosing (red, blue, amber, green, or white.)


    This seems like a simple part, and it more-or-less is, but keep in mind these are individually produced by me, and not manufactured on a large scale. The switch body is 3D printed, and the faceplate is CNC machined and then laser engraved with the text/icon of your choosing. These take time to ship simply because this is a side project I do in my spare time, and my free time is limited, what with work, and autocross, and having a life and all that! The reality is they will probably ship within a week or two, but I don’t like to over-promise on how quickly folks will receive it. I do provide a tracking number when I ship though!

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