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Ford Maverick Cubby Panel

Maverick Panel.png

The switch panel faceplate is black anodized aluminum, so the actual markings will be matte silver in appearance. Try to visualize the text you want in each space to ensure it will fit. (Remember, for example, that the letter ‘I’ takes up a lot less space than the letter ‘W’.) I can stretch and squeeze font width to some degree if it’s needed, but the limitation to the number of characters you can request for each entry is deliberate. Please do not exceed this limit!

Lastly, you can leave any field blank if you prefer not to have anything in that area.

10 max

style elements (you can mix-and-match)

Maverick Panel Images.png

Switch 1

13 max

20 max

20 max

Switch 2

Switch 3

Switch 4

order number

(received after ordering a panel)


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