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Cubby Panel: Trac-Box Edition

Cubby Panel: Trac-Box Edition

For those of you needing a switch panel because you ordered Gerald's Trac-Box, I'm pleased to offer this special "Trac-Box Edition" with a special faceplate and a slightly-reduced price! There is no customization of this panel apart from choosing the correct variant for your cubby shape. The engraving is predetermined, and all switches will have RED LEDs. The upshot is I am able to produce these slightly quicker, and you get to save $10 while also getting a switch panel that looks way cooler than the standard cubby panel!

  • Please note that switch panels may take up to one month to ship.

    This is a 3D-printed part (made of PETG), with a black, anodized aluminum faceplate complete with engraved text. The toggle switches are SPST, ON/OFF style, and are rated for 12V/30A. The switches have a RED LED on the tip, which illuminates in the ON position. 

    The "Trac-Box Edition" switch panel has predetermined labels to correspond with various Trac-Box functions. For the 4-switch panels, those are:

    • "TCS/ESC Disable" (i.e. "Pedal Dance")
    • "ABS Disable"
    • "Rad Fan Override"
    • "TPMS Disable"

    The 6-switch panels also include:

    • "Seat Chime Disable"
    • "Autolock Enable"

    (Those folks who order a 4-switch panel typically order their Trac-Box with those 5th and 6th functions set to always be on.)

    Installation is simple: remove the rubber liner in the OEM cubby, cut/drill a hole in the back to run wires, and slide the switch insert in, firmly wedging it into place. For those of you worried about drilling a hole in a factory part, have no fear: a replacement part can be purchased from your dealership for around $5 (don’t ask me why it is so cheap!) 

    For clarity, no trim piece or wires are included with this part. I have only ever supplied the switch panel itself. When you order Gerald's Trac-Box, it comes with wire leads and spade connectors that allow you to wire it to this switch panel.

    This seems like a simple part, and it more-or-less is, but there are a lot of steps involved in making it. The chassis is 3D printed, and the faceplate is CNC machined and laser engraved. These take time to ship simply because this is a side project I do in my spare time, and my free time is limited, what with work, and autocross, and having a life and all that! The reality is they will probably ship within a week or two, but I don’t like to over-promise on how quickly folks will receive it. I do provide a tracking number when I ship though!

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