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"Shit WRX Owners Say" Coasters (Set of 4)

"Shit WRX Owners Say" Coasters (Set of 4)

SKU: 1002

These slate coasters are the perfect spot to place your drink while you rail on some poor idiot on the interwebz. Keep both hands planted firmly on the keyboard until your tirade is finished. Don't worry, your drink will be right where you left it: on top of a small slice of stupidity.

Oh, and yes, these are actual, verbatim quotes taken from actual posts made in Facebook Subaru groups... typos and all!

  • This is a set of four, laser-engraved slate coasters. Note that these are actual slate, and so their overall thickness may vary even within the set of four you receive. (An individual coaster will be a consistent thickness; it just might not be quite the same thickness as the others.) The coasters have foam pads on the bottom to protect the table surface.

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