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"Toyobaru" DIY Radio Panel

"Toyobaru" DIY Radio Panel

SKU: 0017

For those of you who just want to do your own thing (and also the poor-boi FR-S owners who can't afford the "Ultimate" version), I'm offering this DIY panel as a blank canvas for you to do whatever you want with. Mount switches. Mount gauges. Mount... #RACECAR things. The sky is the limit! The faceplate is ABS plastic, making it durable, with very little flex, but also easy to cut holes into. Do your thing, then pop the old radio out, bolt this in (well, you'll need to do whatever wiring you want to do first), and you're good to go!

NOTE: My understanding is this should fit vehicles with the "trapezoidal" head units, but it will require you to acquire the older "square style" trim pieces for the dash.

  • Note: I'm a one-man operation, so orders may take several weeks to ship.

    This is a drop-in replacement for the OEM radio. The front face is CNC machined from black ABS, with a textured surface. It is less than 3/16" thick in the center for the mounting of... stuff. The mounting brackets are 3D printed out of black PETG plastic, and contain embedded hex nuts into which the bolts thread (they are NOT merely threaded into the plastic.)

    The panel comes fully assembled!

    Installation is simple: pop the radio trim piece off, unscrew the four bolts securing the radio, remove the radio (being sure to disconnect all the harnesses), and then use those screws to install this panel (it is recommended you start threading all four bolts in, then tighten the LOWER bolts first, and then the UPPER bolts, and do not overtighten them as you can crack the mounts if you do so.

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