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Universal 4-Switch XL Panel

Universal 4-Switch XL Panel

SKU: 0103

For those true #RACECAR builds, this XL panel is the same thickness and mounting depth as the regular panel, and only 27% larger in total area, but has 50% larger engraved labels, and 64% larger switch actuation surfaces. The ring LED illumination is also larger. This makes them easier to see and read, and easier to press while wearing gloves. The panel is 2.8" wide by 3.3" tall, and requires just under 2" of depth beneath the installation surface to allow for clearance for the switches/harnesses. Choose from red, blue, amber, green, or white for each of your switch LED colors, select between momentary and latching switch styles, and customize the text for each switch however you like. You can use this panel to control anything that makes use of a simple switch, from Driving Lights, to Air Compressors, to Active exhaust, to Subwoofers, to Air Horns, to Underglow, to... anything else you want to control power to! (See further details below)

  • Note: Switch panels are made-to-order, and may take up to one month to ship.

    This is a CNC-machined part (made of ABS), with a black, anodized aluminum faceplate complete with engraved text. The push-button switches are SPST, ON/OFF style (latching or momentary based on your selection), and are rated for 12V/10A. The switches have an LED-illuminated ring, each in the color of your choosing (red, blue, amber, green, or white.)

    Each of your four switches can be labeled with the text of your choosing. When specifying your labels, please follow the following format: The order is top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. Separate your labels with commas. Uppercase and lowercase text is available, so keep that in mind as you type. Use * to denote you want nothing in that position. An sample submission might be, "TCS/ESC, ABS, Radiator, Auxiliary #1"

    Installation is simple: using the provided plastic template, cut/drill the requisite holes to allow the bolts and switches to pass through, then affix the panel using the 4 included bolts and lock nuts. Note that the the bolt heads pass through machined holes in the aluminum faceplate, and tighten against metal washers inside the switch panel. This serves both to distribute the pressure of the tightened bolts more evenly across the ABS, and also to prevent snug bolts from deforming the aluminum faceplate around the bolt heads.

    Four wire harnesses are included with this panel. Each switch has its own harness. Wiring is going to be different for each person depending on what they are wiring, and how they are doing it, so that is left up to you to do. Each switch has 5 terminals: NC, NO, C, LED(+), LED(-). You can use these terminals (or the wire leads coming out of the harness, if you choose to use them) to configure the switches to operate in different ways. You don't always use ALL 5 leads). For example, the LEDs can be on ALL the time, or only when the switch is activated. A guide is included with your order to help you in this regard.

    This seems like a simple part, and it more-or-less is, but there are a lot of steps involved in making it. The chassis and faceplate are both CNC machined. These take time to ship simply because this is a side project I do in my spare time, and my free time is limited, what with work, and autocross, and having a life and all that! The reality is they will probably ship within a week or two, but I don’t like to over-promise on how quickly folks will receive it. You will receive a tracking number when I ship though!

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